Anzac Day 2021

Australia Day 2021

Christmas Party 2020

Remembrance Day 2020

AGM - 2020


Here you are Lads and Lassies, proof we got the AGM in despite all the setbacks Covid 19 could throw  at us, 21 Members and Honorary members attended, the usual gang of delinquents, namely myself Narelle & Graham were reinstated by the Returning Officer this year Gary Voysey.  No your eyes are not deceiving you that is the Bosun sitting alongside Lachlan another Aussie boy, he has kept in regular contact with us as he works alongside Mathew, our youngest member when they feed the Homeless every day in Tweed Heads,a noble cause and to be praised. We will attempt to hold a meeting on the 21st of October, venue to be advised, Xmas party will be decided at the meeting.

A very relieved, El Presidente, Smoother Sailing,  Brian.

The lone figure of our President, Brian Hunt, laying our wreath at the RSL memorial
on this very different ANZAC Day


Monument Repairs - 2020

Remembrance Day 2019

MND at The Monument 2019

MND at
Greenbank RSL 2019

AGM 2019

The Committee:
L- R, Doug Marshall, Rob Armstrong (Vice president)
Graham Moon (Treasurer)  
Brian Hunt (President) Narelle Standen (Secretary)

BBQ May 2019

Flag Raising Centaur Day - 2019

Anzac Day 2019

Hard at work
Anchor Repairs

Christmas Party - 2018

MerchantNavy Day 2018

AGM August 2018

Barefoot Bowls & Build your own Burger at Condong   

Brian & Eileen's 60th Wedding Anniversary

Christmas Party - 2017

Rememberance Day 2017

Brisbane Maritime Museum - 2017

We have done it!!
After many long months of fund raising and hard work our
Memorial to All Seafarers of all Nationalities was dedicated today
International Merchant Navy Day September 3rd 2017 by His Excellency the Honourable Paul de Jersey AC
Governor of Queensland
"Turning the Sod" for the new Memorial

Remembrance Day - 2016
Evans Head Air Museum October 2016
IMND 2016    
Escape to the Country - August 2016
AGM - 2016
Visit to Eltham Pub June 2016
Anzac Day 2016
Ilnam Estate Winery
Christmas Party 2015

I know his pic was in the group one but I feel I should introduce you to our new Secretary and our media correspondent.

On my right is secretary Terry Docker and the young lady is Terry’s lady, Kay, and on my left , Jim Bowden is our contact into the newspaper world.

Brian Hunt.

Walter Backhouse receives the Atlantic Star
Escape to the Country - 2015

IMND - 2015
AGM 2015
River Trip 2015
Anzac Day 2015
Lunch at the Fox and Hounds
Our 1st Meeting of 2015
Christmas Lunch 2014

Anzac Centenary Celebrations in Albany
IMND 2014
AGM 2014
Visit to the Port of Brisbane
Social May 2014
71st Annual SS Centaur Day Commerative Service
Blessing of the Flags 27 April 2014
Anzac Day 2014
Tweed Heads Coolangatta RSL Sub-Branch - Twin Towns Services Club (Joint Commemoration)

The SEQ Vindicatrix Association was invited to take part in the 2014 Anzac Day Parade. There was one member that asked if we could display both Australian and British ensigns. That was easy as we could display and carry flags representing both the Australian Merchant Navy as well as the British Merchant Navy. This request was not too hard to fulfil as we have access to both flags.

Meeting 16 April 2014
Kyogle Visit March 2014


Meeting 19th February 2014

On the 18th January 2014 this 'pirate', Ken Hitchcock, celebrated his 80th Birthday.  A party, at the Club Southport Inc was arranged for him by his family.  His two daughters organised the whole thing, with a little help from his wife Bernadette.   There were 40+ guests at the Club they included a few Vindi boys, Kens Family including his Brother in law Ben. Ben is a Maestro Ukelele player who came over the ditch from NZ just to play Ken into becoming an Octagenarian.  Also present were a number of his grandchildren, including a young lady that Ken is very proud of. She works for Virgin Airlines and came to the party from Sydney. 

To start the festivities, Bernadette thanked everyone for being there and hoped they all enjoyed themselves. Ken also gave a short speech in which he too thanked everyone for attending, and emphasised the hard work that his two daughters had done to make it possible. They even arranged for the Chef to do a Special Dish just for Ken, he had an enjoyable Lemon Sole that wasn't even on the menu for that evening, thank you Mr Chef for being so obliging. 
One other thing to mention here is that Ken is one of our Walking Wounded Warriors. Ken had a very serious operation on Christmas Eve. He had a tangle with Big C   At present his recovery is slow but steady, but he showed his mettle at his party by joining in the toe tapping rendition, by his brother in law Ben of a couple of Maori songs.
Also throughout the meal there were some real memory jogging music and songs that ranged from Frank Sinatra to the Beverly Sisters. After the meal, there was no rush to go, but there was a great deal of lamp swinging that was washed down with an ale or three. 
To round all this off, Ken is due to start having some radium treatments. Not sure at this time when that will start. I have been told that for these radium treats Ken has to wear a Lead Shield for his face. At the start of this narrative, I called Ken a 'Pirate', well once they put this face plate on him, doesn't he become the “Count of Monte Cristo?"  





Christmas Lunch 2013


Rememberance Day 2013



Brian Hunt, Ivor Ellis & Terry Docker
at Tweed Bowling Club
October 16th 2013
Social Outing to Cascade Gardens of Broad Beach Qld.

We had a very enjoyable Social Outing today to the above address, it’s a pity you couldn’t all get there.  We had 15 people, that was 12 men and 3 ladies.
As usual our President arrived somewhat earlier than anyone else, and to while away the time he decided that he would catch us all a feed of fish. So out came the rod, and onto the bank he strode and made a strong cast out over the waters of the river. He told us that he fished for half an hour and had a wonderful amount of nowt to show for his endeavours. However, Eileen who was watching the progress of her man towards catching us a feed, told us that it was the shortest half hour that she had ever witnessed. Also there was no actual proof that Brian baited the hook. Ah well, can’t win ‘em all can we.

The meet was slated for 1100hrs and just about all hands that were going to arrive had done so by that time. We started to unload the goodies etc and went to the BBQ machine and after about 20 minutes, it became obvious that we would not be able to cook anything on those plates. Please don’t think that the plates weren’t hot, they both were, but only by the sun, and cooking bangers by direct sunlight is not going to happen. At least, not while the ground temperature of the suns rays is only about 25C. So it was that we broke camp and went walk about to find an operational BBQ. After a long drag, of at least 100 metres, we happened to chance upon another set-up and we again started pushing buttons and squinting at the little lights that lit up as green, then turned a kindly looking red colour. Success, the plates started, really started to get warm, then hot. Commence the cooking. Fortunately the bangers and steaks and stuff didn’t take long to start smelling good and looking edible. Whilst all this was going on, the girls decided that there was not enough shade at this position, so issued ‘requests’ that after the cooking we should re-site ourselves at the original stopping base. As is usual, the men decided that the shade, 100 metres away, was just the spot to eat.

All this time there was plenty of chat going on, but not enough to get the goodies over cooked. The different bits and pieces were shared around, and we returned to our starting spot and the salads appeared and also the condiments and sauces too. We all tucked in to whatever we had on our plates, and listen to that, almost total silence. The ibis’s and crows kept up their usual noisy presence, to try and encourage our group to pass along some of the spoils.

A short while after the foods had done their best to keep the quietness going, Brian addressed us with thanks for taking the time to come along and join in the conviviality and companionship of the day. Discussion took place in regards to the Christmas function – details on the noticeboard.



This is a report on the outing that the ALL SHIPS SPIT ROAST was an enjoyable days' outing. I know you all were informed of the happening as I sent out the email announcing the invitation. There were approximately 150 Lads & Ladies attending, and the talk was all about boats and ships of the Navies. It was worth the money just to see and talk to the many seafarers that had stories to tell and anecdotes to remember and inform others about. No doubt that some of the tales were tall, and not only that, but they had been told last year as well, but like all good shipmates, all within earshot always waited politely until the tale was told.
Our New group was invited to attend, and I am glad that I went, and I have every intention of attending again next year. The venue was rather unique as the function was held in the grounds of the Queensland Maritime Museum. There were no restrictions for the visitors, as they were welcome to wander on and through the prime exhibit, that being the ex R.A.N. Frigate Diamantina, that has been patched and painted by volunteers and is in sailing condition if needed. Also the rest of the museum was open to our group and lots of the items there are in pristine condition.
The $25 spit roast was well done and also done well, with plenty of salad items to go round, twice if you wanted another helping. There were two meats on offer, being Lamb and Beef. To round off there was two deserts, a Meringue and Cream or an Apple Pie with Custard. There wasn't too much of those for a 2nd round, but by then most of the visitors had had enough anyway. I am glad I went in by bus, as I may have had some trouble getting home if I had been driving, Four red wines (at $1 a pop) and I think I was over the driving max.

Merchant Navy Day at Twin Towns Outrigger Resort

About 40 people at our Merchant Navy Day ceremony to pay homage to all the Merchant Seamen that did not arrive back in port during, not only WW11, but all conflicts throughout the past Centuries.

The program was introduced by Mr Brian Hunt. BEM. JP.

President of the Twin Towns RSL Resort Mr Joe Russell then spoke a few words and introduced the Guest Speaker Mr Tom Kirkham, a survivor of the War of the Atlantic (Under 16 when he started he nautical career)

Father John Reid led the prayer and read the homily. He also led the singing of the Sailors Hymn. We had no music so we had to use our voices to make it sound good. The hymn was followed by Mr Andy Squibb (Vice President) laying a wreath at the flags.

The full ODE was then read by Don Johnstone, President, Sub Naval Association Sub Branch. The Last Post was followed by a Minutes Silence. Followed by ‘Rouse’. This in turn was followed by the National Anthem.

Father John Reid then gave a Blessing for all Mariners, both current and past.

During this program two poems were read
“Heroes” by Dave Partridge, read by Jack Secker.
“Reluctant Heroes” by Joe Earle, read by Jerry Purvis.

A few remarks thanking ALL HANDS for attending the Service, and an invitation to Tea, Coffee & Tab-Nabs.