Stories from our members
News from Overseas - Brian Ribbans
I thought that maybe some of your (sorry, Our Members) may like to see some recent photos of Vindicatrix area at Sharpness. Many will remember how it was in the 50's and the first sketch shows the Vindi Training School as it was at that time. I have included the sketch rather than the photo it was taken from ..... read more..

Bill Gould

The Bill Gould Story
I was born on the 6th July 1922 and lived the first eighteen months in Cambridge. At that time my father died from the effects of the first world war. Possibly he was poisoned from a ‘mustard gas’ attack. My Mother then had to return back to work as a floor manageress at the Regents Palace Hotel in London. I believe that although my maternal Grandfather did help out ...... read more.




Alan Burrow
The Alan Burrow Story
Born in Tottenham, London in May 1939 and christened on the 3rd September. When we all got back home after the ceremony Chamberlain was on the “wireless” telling everyone that “we are at war with Germany” and I got the blame!! I think they said I was a loose cannon!!! Fancy that eh!
I had an interest in the Sea Cadets and intended to join the Andrew but one time I was on a fortnight summer camp aboard the cruiser, HMS Dido in Pompey Harbour and one of the standby crew, (what an easy posting that was!) an old salt commented ...... read more..

Jack Secker
The Jack Secker Story
Life for me began at 7.10 am Saturday, 10/11/1934. Place:  Hendon, Middlesex, England. Memories from two places, Harroweald (1-4years) and Wealdstone (4’ish until 1951) Home at Harroweald was bitsa memories, a front garden with lots of flowers and a white painted gate. I used to wait there in the afternoon for my older sister to come home from school. At that point in time there was no war and our family was Mum, Dad my sister and me...... read more..
Brian Hunt
The Brian Hunt Story
Brian what can me tell me about your early life? I was born Brian Anthony Hunt on the 28th July 1934 in Brixton, South London and moved to Gidea Park, Romford in 1939. Schooling was at St Edwards, Romford and Gidea Park
College. I was evacuated for 2 years, with my brother David two years my junior, to Criccieth in North Wales, after our home was damaged by a land mine during the blitz. After returning home and before completing school I fell in love
with horses and ran away from home to be an ...... read more..
What a Bloke will do to get a Dance
The story of my first trip to sea actually started when I ran away from home at fourteen to become an apprentice jockey at a stable in Winchester. Hampshire. On 7/10/6 per week it took a while but I eventually saved enough to purchase a pair of brothel creepers, a Harris Tweed hacking jacket and cord trousers and ventured on the Saturday bus to ...... read more..
The Merchant Navy Man
You have seen him in the street, staggering on groggy feet,
you have seen him clutch the pavement for support.
You have seen him arm in arm with a maid of doubtful charm
who was leading Johnny "safely" into port. ...... read more..
Here are some great pictures of the Panama Canal and some of the ships that use this fantastic facility.  Almost all merchant seafarers have been through the Panama Canal at least once. I personally journeyed three (3) times through that canal, and each time I saw something different. Something I hadn’t noticed before. As I look at these pictures I am filled with wonder at what a magnificent structure it is, especially as so much of it ...... read more..